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We’ve Moved!

May 23, 2011

We have moved the blog. Find us at our own URL at or by clicking here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the new blog!

– Jason


Weekend Outlook – May 20

May 20, 2011

Hello from rainy New York,

It’s Friday and time for the Weekend Outlook where ESLS brings you the weekend plans of sports and entertainment industry executives included with some plans from students aspiring to work in those industries. Each Friday, we ask our friends on Twitter what they’re following in sports and entertainment this weekend. Here are the responses for today:

Andrew Fine: “Sitting w/@umesls. Could tell him #weekendoutlook in person but it doesn’t count unless it’s on Twitter. Preakness, NBA & Bridesmaids 4 me”

Steve Seiferheld: “I will be on the lookout for Kegasus, the wonderfully tasteful #Preakness mascot. Might keep one eye on NYY/NYM. #WeekendOutlook

Darren Heitner: “Following @RalphCindrich‘s every move at Sports Lawyers Association Conference. He walks too fast, though.”

OCU Law SPELA: “We are looking forward to another great edition of the #WeekendOutlook from our friends @umesls.”

Jim Delaney: “in Boston, all focus on one thing this weekend: Bruins vs. Lightning. Game 3. Saturday. 1:30p.”

David Schwab: “Big movie openings, Celebrity Apprentice finale, hoops ratings & Preakness marketing”

J.W. Cannon: “#FrenchOpenkickoff, LeBron diaper watch, #MLB interleague play, another great edition of #sbchat

Lou Imbriano: “~> Bruins & Preakness”

Tim McGhee: “I will be following Preakness, SC Playoffs, NBA Playoffs and NASCAR AS Race. #WeekendOutlook

Ed Kiernan: “#WeekendOutlook@NBA Playoff’s and a lil’ @Yankees vs @Mets#SubwaySeries!! #sportsbiz

Brandon Shore: “SLA conference then back in time for HEAT game 3 #WeekendOutlook

Chase Cates: “Well if it’s not the apocalypse, I’ll be watching the Preakness (my pick is Mucho Macho Man), NBA Playoffs, and Nats/Os series #weekendoutlook

Dwayne Watts: “#WeekendOutlook < Tennis practice w/daughter and NBA Playoffs! (+ MASSIVE honey-do list!)”

Mike Hopper: “Subway Series!”

Claire Zovko: “Miami Heat and #SLA2011. The general counsel panel will be interesting. #WeekendOutlook

Eric Winchel: “#SubwaySeries even though its lost its luster + playoffs”

Danielle Brown: “#NBA playoffs & Billboard Music Awards”

Andy Gould: “I’ll be watching Subway Series and @NBA playoffs. Weather permitting I’ll also be coaching some soccer. #WeekendOutlook

Lee Lloyd: “League tourney for youth baseball (11-12) starts this weekend. Bring your shades and sunscreen! …Oh, and the NBA playoffs.”

Matt Buser: “French Open – pullin for my bud and fellow dawg, Isner. And of course, Braves baseball!”… “Ooh! Forgot about the awards. Add that to my list!”

Kristi Dosh: “Absolutely nothing for once. Enjoying my week in Ireland with @ChaddScott!”

Nancy Atufunwa: “Celebrating birthdays and raising money for the kids :)”

Jason Manola: “Cubs v. Red Sox, Preakness & hopefully some nice Chicago weather. RIP to a great entertainer & child hero Macho Man Randy Savage.”

Rob Katz: “Heat-Bulls, MLB, Preakness and the Lightning pulling even with Lou’s Bruins 🙂 #weekendoutlook

Mike Mahoney: “NHL Playoffs (Beard getting long), PGATour, Go Mavs! – @mcuban #weekendoutlook

GMR Sports: “Cheering on all our @NASCAR partners and @GMRMarketing teammates at @CLTMotorSpdwy #weekendoutlook

Jonathan Norman: “Looking forward to the @NASCAR All-Star Race. Check out the @SPEEDTV Social Tracker! #sprintallstar Text ALLSTAR to 76060″… “@NASCAR at @CLTMotorSpdwy@DePaulAthleticssoftball team (& my brother-in-law, head coach) in @NCAARegionals. #weekendoutlook

Blair Zackon: “@NHL Playoffs, @MiamiHEATvs. Bulls, French Open, @NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Playoffs #WeekendOutlook

Sports Biz Radio: “show this wkend, @NBAPlayoffs, @MLB Interleague, fun in Portland sun w/daughter! #WeekendOutlook

Michael Chang: “

Jay Acunzo: “People are buzzing about Cubs/Sox in Boston (1st matchup since 1918). Bulls-Heat is also super compelling!”

Danny Webb: “At the Colonial – very boring – PGA needs to do a better job – my kids are bored out of their minds!! #pgatour

Here’s what ESLS students are following:

Shelby Nathans: “I’ll probably check out The Preakness and @NASCAR All Star race Sat. Going to @DierksBentley charity event Sunday. #WeekendOutlook

I’m following Braves on the West Coast to open interleague play and also the Preakness. Lots of anticipation for the French Open too!

Hope that everyone has a great weekend. Thank you to all who contributed and to all who used the tag!

– Jason

Cavs Win Big At The NBA Lottery

May 18, 2011

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the Number 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Conspiracy theorists are already claiming that the lottery selection was rigged. One of them is David Kahn, the President of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Here’s his quote about last night courtesy of Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press:

“This league has a habit, and I am just going to say habit, of producing some pretty incredible story lines,” Kahn said. “Last year it was Abe Pollin’s widow and this year it was a 14-year-old boy and the only thing we have in common is we have both been bar mitzvahed. We were done. I told Kevin: ‘We’re toast.’ This is not happening for us and I was right.”

Regardless of how the Cavaliers got the Number 1 pick, it is a fact that in recent history the pick has allowed a team to recreate its image more so than the Number 1 pick in any other sport. Just look at the last three top picks in the NBA and the NFL, the leagues in which players earn the most marketing dollars and enjoy the biggest personal brands.


2008 Draft – Derrick Rose was picked by the Chicago Bulls

2009 Draft – Blake Griffin was picked by the Los Angeles Clippers

2010 Draft – John Wall was picked by the Washington Wizards


2008 Draft – Jake Long was picked by the Miami Dolphins

2009 Draft – Matthew Stafford was picked by the Detroit Lions

2010 Draft – Sam Bradford was picked by the St. Louis Rams

Rose, Griffin, and Wall have already proven to be marketing stars and thus image changers for their respective franchises. Each has a major shoe deal in which they are an important part of the company’s marketing plan – Rose with adidas, Griffin with Nike, and Wall with Reebok. The three are also big stars on social media. Griffin and Wall use Twitter and have many followers as Griffin has a bit under 350,000 followers and Wall has more than 240,000 followers (Rose does not use Twitter). On Facebook, Rose’s page has over 2,500,000 “likes,” Griffin’s has over 830,000 “likes,” and Wall’s has over 630,000 “likes.” These three are young, exciting, and talented players who have grown their personal brand to the benefit of their teams. The Bulls with Rose, Clippers with Griffin, and Wizards with Wall used them as the new, fresh faces of struggling franchises when they came to the teams. It is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship. The player builds his personal brand as the talented Number 1 pick, the team makes the player the face of the franchise, and the player enjoys even more personal brand growth. The use of the Number 1 pick as the franchise’s face can be evidenced by this month’s launch of new jerseys for the Washington Wizards where John Wall was one of the models.

So how about Long, Stafford, and Bradford? All have had less success in their early careers with regards to marketing and personal brand growth. Long is an offensive lineman, so obviously his opportunities are limited, but Stafford and Bradford are quarterbacks and the faces of their respective franchises. Bradford just recently signed his first national sponsorship deal with Axe. None of the other two have anything similar from my personal research (please update in comments if you know of something). None of the three have major deals with apparel companies either. Finally, their social media presence is not strong. On Twitter, Stafford has over 15,000 followers, Bradford has over 4,000 followers on a very inactive page, and Long doesn’t have an account. On Facebook, Stafford has over 11,000 “likes,” Bradford has over 123,000 “likes,” and Long has almost 5,000 likes on their pages.

The sports are obviously different. The NBA has fewer players, and basketball players are more recognizable because they don’t wear helmets. The last three drafts in the NBA and NFL show the power of having the Number 1 pick in the NBA. As long as Kyrie Irving or any of the other options can have an impact on the court, always important, the Cavaliers will be able to usher in a new post-LeBron age in which there is a new, fresh face for the franchise.

– Jason

Tiger Expects To Be At The U.S. Open

May 17, 2011

Judging from his most recent tweet, Tiger Woods expects to be at the U.S. Open in mid-June. As always, the PGA will wait with anticipation to find out if he will be able to hit the course because the PGA is well aware that their ratings are very much influenced by Tiger’s presence. Check out the table below provided by The Nielsen Company which compares television ratings for PGA events in the 2007-2008 season to those from the 2008-2009 season. The ratings are from third and fourth rounds played by Woods in tournaments after the 2007-2008 season compared to the third and fourth rounds of tournaments that Woods was not able to play after the 2008-2009 U.S. Open. You’ll remember that during the 2008-2009 season, Tiger missed all tournaments after winning the U.S. Open and undergoing leg surgery.

The full article by The Nielsen Company can be found here.

These numbers are still relevant even though we’re in the 2010-2011 season as evidenced by the ratings from the past two Masters. According to Sports Media Watch, the final round of the Masters pulled in over 15 million viewers this year and over 16 million last year when Tiger made his comeback from personal issues. The 2007-2008 PGA Championship can be compared because it is a major tournament in the United States as opposed to the British Open which has diminished viewership because of the time change. In the PGA Championship, there were over 9 million viewers according to The Nielsen Company. Without Tiger the next year, viewership fell to just below 4 million. This is a big difference which the PGA hopes to avoid repeating.

As much as Tiger hopes to be back for the U.S. Open, it is probably true that the PGA wants him to be out there even more.

– Jason

Weekend Outlook – May 13

May 13, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thanks for checking in for another Weekend Outlook. Each week, we ask our friends on Twitter what they’re following this weekend in sports & entertainment. As usual, the responses are many and cover a wide array of plans. Enjoy!

David Canter: “nothing related to sports. May watch a little hockey”

Steve Seiferheld: “Well, I am eager to see if Tiger can rebound at the Players. Oh, wait….”

David Schwab: “Golf ratings w/out Tiger. TV shows being picked up re: upfronts. Friday the 13th mkting. Cannes Film Festival.”

Ed Kiernan: “A little @NBA Playoffs, #AllSport‘s #LittleLeague & @PGATOUR‘s #ThePlayersChampionship #WeekendOutlook

Kristi Dosh: “I’ll be writing pieces for and setting them to post while I’m in Ireland the next 2 wks! #WeekendOutlook

Rob Katz: “catch some MLB, Heat/Bulls on Sun, son’s 8U AAU hoops & work on client fdn events”

Justin Sievert: “I will be watching @KyleBusch take care of business on the track and some Yankees/Red Sox games….”

Edwin Mejia: “Boston Bruins v. Tampa. NBA playoffs”

Chase Cates: “how the PGA reacts with Tiger pulling out from The Players from a marketing standpoint, NHL/NBA Conference Finals #weekendoutlook

Jason Manola: “Workin on biz plan for future sports/entertainment agency, Cubbies & Bulls/Heat on Sun. Watch out NBA Bulls gonna shock the world!”

Tim McGhee: “I’ll be watching Heat – Bulls and the FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks #WeekendOutlook

Heather Zeller: “Lots going on! Yankees/Red Sox, TPC, some NBA & NHL Playoffs, Cannes Film Fest. #WeekendOutlook

Ralph Cindrich: “Lady GaGa”

Darren Heitner: “Miami Heat, my appearance on @CBS12 Beyond the Game, & illegal movie downloading litigation.”

AskAnNFLAgent: “Got engaged last weekend! Watching some more #NFL #NBA Playoffs and some soccer. Still waiting on court rulings……..”

Todd Rosenbaum: “players championship and yankees/red sox.”

Dwayne Watts: “Family time, golf and good weather!”

Andy Gould: “#Yankees #RedSoxseries, @NBA playoffs, @MLS, two #AYSO games and #EPL #WeekendOutlook

Mike Hopper: “Yankees/Red Sox. Need to win that season series! @umesls What are you following this weekend in sports? #WeekendOutlook

Jay Acunzo: “Cant wait to see LeBron vs his greatest competition for years to come, DRose!”

Sterling Pierce: “Episode Four of Series of Operation! — RT!”

NetWorks Sports: “Looking forward to watching both the classic rivalry – Yanks/Sox & a new rivalry Heat/Bulls! Enjoy your weekend! #WeekendOutlook

Lee Lloyd: “I’ll be watching the NBA playoffs and the island green of the 17th hole at The Players.”

Andy Eason: “I’ll be catching up on all the latest #NFL and #NBA labor situations. Taking in some @okcredhawks games, too. #WeekendOutlook #MiLB

Joshua Boren: “Grieving the Red Wings loss, EPL & MLS matchups.”

sportsattitudes: “Time to follow both NBA and the NHL (Final Four Playoff Hockey Is Awesome). TV shows Sunday night all on same time! #WeekendOutlook

Steven Cushnan: “looking forward to seeing some NBA playoffs, plus FA Cup final and get out to play some sport too. Enjoy yours #weekendoutlook

Chadd Scott: “A wedding. That’s both, right? ”

Here’s what ESLS members are following:

Matt Buser: “ATL Braves and graduating from law school!!”

Shelby Nathans: “I’ll be following The Players and watching to see if the #Tribe can bounce back after a tough series with Tampa. #WeekendOutlook

Mike Rubenstein: “The playoffs are getting interesting and the Phillies Braves again.. We need to take this series and get healthy #WeekendOutlook

Brandon Shore: “Heat/Bulls Game 1… and of course a little law school graduation tomorrow #WeekendOutlook

I will be following Braves v. Phillies and Heat v. Bulls. Can’t get away from the White Hot Heat Playoffs down here! Hope your weekends are great. Enjoy your games, races, and time with family and friends.

– Jason

Weekend Outlook – May 6

May 6, 2011

Hello All,

It’s another great Weekend Outlook! Thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the day as I asked our friends on Twitter what they’re following this weekend in sports & entertainment. Here are the responses:

Kristi Dosh: I’m working on some research related to tv contracts in college sports and stadium naming rights. #WeekendOutlook

Ed Kiernan: “Some ponies running around a track in KY with a side of @NBA #KentuckyDerby

Lou Imbriano: “The Derby, playoffs and #sbchat Sunday night at 9:30pm EST”

Steve Seiferheld: “Blah sports #weekendoutlook. Focusing on grilling flank steak for mom of me and mom of my kids. Mom-in-law on cruise. Go Yankees!”

Mike Mahoney: “volunteering at and watching @WellsFargoGolf all weekend! #weekendoutlook

David Schwab: “Pay per view buys of boxing, NBC horse racing coverage, Mother’s Day promotions”

J.W. Cannon: “Wife is from Kentucky. I’ll be surrounded by big hats this weekend.”

Chadd Scott: “My nephew wants to see “Thor.” RT @umesls What are you following in sports & entertainment this weekend?#WeekendOutlook

Mike Hopper: “Working weekend (sorry mom): Producing NYC Mayor’s Cup Table Tennis Championship @umesls What are you following in sports?#WeekendOutlook

Darren Heitner: “#NFLLockout talk today, #MiamiHeat performance tmrw, Mothers Day = entertainment.”

Andrew Fine: “Can’t miss The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports! Will also check in on some NHL and NBA. #WeekendOutlook #mintjulep

Jonathan Norman: “Lots of local sports here in #MKE, including the U6 soccer team I coach. Kentucky Derby. My fantasy teams. #sportsbiz

David Canter: “travel day to pitch possible new clients” & “Chelsea Manu game”

Rob Katz: “At #KentuckyDerby for 1st time looking forward to it; check in on playoffs,MLB”

Jay Acunzo: “I’m following my Boston friends around town to make sure they don’t do anything crazy after the Heat go up 3-0”

Steven Cushnan: “Battle for the #EPL, Man U v Chelsea, mixed in with playoffs, playoffs, playoffs #WeekendOutlook Enjoy!”

Jason Manola: “”The Fastest 2 Mins in Sports” – got Mucho Macho Man winning, Bulls v. Atlanta & rest of #NBA Playoffs and hopefully a Cubs sweep.”

Blair Zackon: “@NHL Playoffs, @MiamiHEAT Game #7, @OhioState_MLAX in the @ECACchamps Tournament, and @LFCvs. Fulham #WeekendOutlook

Edwin Mejia: “NHL and NBA playoffs”

Ralph Cindrich: “Not sure what I am following yet if anything. Family event. Golf? Hate it!”

Andy Gould: “My alma mater UCSB #Gauchos in NCAA Men’s VB Final Sat. night on ESPN2. Go Gauchos! ManU Chelsea and playoffs. #WeekendOutlook

Claire Zovko: “NBA Playoffs. The White Hot Heat.”

Eric Tomasini: “Pacquiao over Mosely, Celtics over Heat, Bruins and Sharks sweep”

Dwayne Watts: “NBA & Kentucky Derby!”

Craig Moore: “Little League, 2 min of the Derby, and a mean game of washers”

Andy Eason: “NBA Playoffs (go Mavs and Cs) and the #Rangersbullpen. Halfway through finals. Crim Law and Civ Pro left to go!#WeekendOutlook

Andrew Eichner: “#WeekendOutlook This weekend, my friend, is what we call the sprint to the finish line. #lawschool

Matt Judy: “Following all the Blue Giraffe’s @WellsFargoGolf and @stadionclassic …also enjoying Mothers Day w the family before heading to TPC”

Billy Corben: “Fri 8pm ‘Square Grouper’ screens @paxmiami, Sat 4pm ‘Limelight’ screens @HotDocs, Heat v Celtics & ‘Thor,’ a must see in 2D, not 3D.”

Tim McGhee: “#WeekendOutlook It’s all about Mother’s Day for me this weekend!”

Michael Chang: “Going to watch this for the 10th time.

Danny Webb: “NBA & Kentucky Derby – Whoever thought Uncle Mo would win the Derby is not very smart!!”

Joshua Boren: “Pacquiao vs. Sugar Shane, Kentucky Derby, LAvsNY MLS, NHL/NBA Playoffs (Go Wings!)”

sportsattitudes: “#WeekendOutlook NBA Playoffs, a little NHL, NBA Playoffs…did I mention NBA Playoffs?”

Lee Lloyd: “Attending the @PGATOUR stop at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte and playing #golf at beautiful @ONSCGolf.”

Kathleen Hessert: “WellsFargoChampionship is top of my weekend sports follow.#wfgolf #PGA

Ben Sturner: “Derby + Pacquiao-Mosely”

Eric Nichols: “#Derby, No. 1 #Gamecocks baseball, and a touch of nba/nhl playoffs”

Here’s what ESLS members are following:

Michael Rubenstein: “Obviously, NBA.. Then, Phillies.. Won 5 of last 6 games all vs. NL East.. Next 3 series: Braves, Marlins, Braves..”

Brandon Shore: “NFL stay (or go?) news, HEAT game 3, and The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports #WeekendOutlook

Matt Buser: “ATL sports – go Hawks and Bravos! And of course, a little ent work here and there. Happy Friday!”

Jon Ellin: “NBA Playoffs! GO HAWKS! Also, Braves vs. Phillies. Great pitching match-ups all weekend!”

And me? I am following Atlanta’s sports teams this weekend. Big games for Braves v. Phillies and Hawks v. Bulls. Enjoy your games, races, and time with family! Treat your mothers nicely and have a great weekend!

– Jason

WeekendOutlook – April 30

April 30, 2011

Hello All,

Thanks for coming by to see another Weekend Outlook! As many of you know if you’ve been here before, this post is usually made on Friday. Unfortunately, studying for my Federal Income Tax exam got a bit in the way of my typical Friday duties! My sincerest apologies! Without further ado, here’s your Weekend Outlook where our friends on Twitter told us at @umesls what they’re following this weekend in sports & entertainment!

Kristi Dosh: “I’m taking the weekend off to hit the Amelia Island Shrimp Festival with @ChaddScott and go on a little kayaking adventure!”

Joe Briggs: “royal wedding wagers!”

Tim McGhee: “I will be watching Stanley Cup playoffs and Heat-Celtics game. #WeekendOutlook

Steve Seiferheld: “NFL draft; still trying to digest the bizarre picks last night. Going to Ag Field Day at Rutgers! #WeekendOutlook

Craig Moore: “is avoiding the royal wedding a sport?”

Steven Cushnan: “#WeekendOutlook #NFL Draft, #EPL and #NHL/#NBA Playoffs….anything to get away from the wedding coverage for a few minutes!”

Ralph Cindrich: “#NFL draft, labor, & expert witness case”

Darren Heitner: “Whether Leslie Michael Jasper is selected in #NFLDraft & Heat vs. Celtics.”

David Canter: “NFL draft & new rules aka start (hopefully) of free agency”

Ed Kiernan: “The @NBA Playoffs with a little @PGATOURbaked in!! #weekendoutlook

Dave Cutler: “Plenty to follow locally here in Boston this weekend. Sox w/Seattle in town, Celtics in Miami, & Bruins in Philly#WeekendOutlook

sportsattitudes: “2 Eyes NBA Playoffs, 1 1/2 NFL Dft..1 Eye Celeb Apprentice/Star Jones-NeNe Leakes may come 2 blows facing Prez Trump #WeekendOutlook

AskAnNFLAgent: “The #NFL Draft all weekend now that the #Magic are out of playoffs. #Jaguars made moves to get Blaine Gabbert!!”

Caleb Mezzy: “#NFLDraft #Phillies dominance of the Mets and highlights of the#RoyalWedding

Edwin Mejia: “NBA Playoffs and Bruins v. Flyers”

Rob Katz: “NFL Draft + new league yr, MLB and check score for NBA/NHL playoffs #WeekendOutlook

Drew Carr: “golf and phillies baseball, flyers hockey now that my magic (read:tragic) have been eliminated.”

Rusty Grant: “PGA/LPGA Tour and the Draft. Should be a great weekend for sports!”

Excel Sports: “Round 2 NBA playoffs action!”

Andrew Eichner: “I’m pretty excited by the new videos of #Madden 12 – does that count as sports AND entertainment?

Andy Eason: “I’ll be following the #NFL draft (#InBillWeTrust) and Rangers weekend series. First final is on Monday (contracts).#WeekendOutlook

Jason Manola: “#NFLDraft all weekend! Love seeing players live their dream. Finishing up 1st round of NBA Playoffs & some Cubs Baseball. Hbu?”

Eric Winchel: “NFL Draft, playoffs, and the #RoyalAnnulment

Andrew Fine: “Besides the RoyalWedding recaps? Draft & NHL/NBA playoffs+ enjoying spring now that its finally arrived in NYC #weekendoutlook

Jay Acunzo: “Heat-Cs will be epic w/ Rondo playing so well & looking for any & all news on Bill Simmons’s new site. Big news for sports bloggers!”

Joshua Boren: “Red Wings/NHL/NBA 2nd round playoffs, MLS action, Dodgers saga.”

Jonathan Norman: “NFL Draft … And youth soccer!”

Blair Zackon: “@MiamiHEAT vs. Celtics, @NHL Playoffs, and spending some time at SunFest in West Palm Beach. #WeekendOutlook

Andy Gould: “#NFL Draft, #NBA playoffs, @bikenewyork, and some U5 and 8 soccer games. #WeekendOutlook

Chadd Scott: “#nfldraft & #terps spting game”

Here’s what ESLS members are following:

Matt Buser: “@umesls offering my #weekendoutlook… Last final of law school 2-6, Miami Reggae Fest in Grove tomor, …

Michael Rubenstein: “NFL Draft first and foremost.. Eagles have a lot of picks and need to trade Kolb.. Phillies Mets.. NBA playoffs too”

Brandon Shore: “rest of the NFL draft, late rounds where great teams are built… if NFL free agency begins… and of course Heat/Celtics Game 1”

As for me, I’ll be watching the NBA playoffs and my Braves against the Cardinals. The Braves need to create some good news. Recently, bad news has been finding the team.

Sorry again for the delay in posting! Thank you to all the contributors for another fantastic edition of the Weekend Outlook. This is a great, great weekly post, and I always enjoy putting it together. I hope that you enjoy your games, family, and friends!

– Jason