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Weekend Outlook – Friday, November 5

November 5, 2010

Hello on another Friday!

As usual, we asked our friends on Twitter what they’re looking forward to this weekend in sports and entertainment. Here were the responses.

David Canter: “cam newton ian greengross kenny rogers story”

Andrew Fine: “College football and NFL + NYC Marathon, and if I can squeeze it in Due Date. But in reality, it all comes back to football”

J.W. Cannon: “Up to my ears with Chilean miner and @alrokerrunning #INGNYCM.”

David Schwab: “Real interested to see how Subway activate’s Jareds marathon run in New York this weekend (at the race itself)”

Mark Kohn: “Im following the Breeders Cup, Utah/TCU,and LSU/Alabama”

Billy Corben: “Saturday: Maryland at Miami, @LisaLampanelli at The Fillmore. Sunday: Miami at Baltimore. All weekend: Wearing a jacket.”

Deandra Duggans: “NC State vs Clemson… In #deathvalley!!!”

I’m following TCU v. Utah this weekend. Huge game with BCS implications. It will play a part in the great debate that is sure to take place in December if an undefeated TCU/Utah/Boise State doesn’t qualify for the national championship.

Have a great weekend,


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