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UFC Eyes Europe

November 11, 2010

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is attempting to become the biggest sport in the world, and this ambitious goal has taken operations to Europe. Unfortunately for President Dana White and the UFC Brass, they are facing some of the same problems in Europe that they have faced over the last 20 years in the United States. These include fans and media that don’t understand the sport and governments that are banning the sport.

It’s interesting that UFC is trying to break into Europe. It’s absolutely a stubborn move made with the intention of creating big business, but the sport is losing money in the process. It believes that the effort is well worth it though as executives meet with government officials in order to sanction fights in England, Germany, France, and Italy for example.

The rush to Europe is nothing new in American sports. Football and basketball are leading the way with basketball having a clear advantage because of Europe’s familiarity with the sport. That’s not to mention the fact that Europeans play in the NBA. The NFL and UFC are sure to have a harder time because both sports are not familiar to Europeans. There was a NFL Europe league that was forced to fold and Europeans are familiar with martial arts, but an embrace of the NFL and the UFC will be something new for Europeans. Both are seen as violent and barbaric sports, but the potential changes in rules in both sports may make them more appealing.

Hey, if Americans can embrace curling from Canada, why can’t Europeans embrace the UFC and NFL?

– Jason

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