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MLB Playoff Expansion And More

November 19, 2010
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It looks as if there is nothing stopping the expansion of MLB playoffs except a discussion of implementation. Although, we did learn today that a good discussion on implementation is as relevant as the decision to do something. Ask any fan of Northwestern University football like myself.

The argument for expansion in baseball for me is any easy one. MLB needs more interest in the sport and an expanded playoff will create more interest. The last 20 games of the season are usually relevant for only a few teams. Expanding the playoffs to add a second wild card team in each league will allow for tighter races, more interest into the fall, and a better ability to compete with the start of the NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons. Of course, more money will follow, and we know from the NFL’s discussion about an 18 game season that money is a huge factor in today’s sports world. This is a smart move by the MLB to keep baseball exciting and relevant in the fall.

The article also touches on a number of other interesting topics. Mainly, Bud Selig’s reluctance to expand instant replay, foolish, and the peaceful labor relations between the MLB and MLBPA, refreshing.

– Jason


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