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Weekend Outlook – November 19, 2010

November 19, 2010

Hello Friends,

Hope you’re all ready for the weekend. Here’s our Weekend Outlook where you’ve told us what you’re following in the world of sports and entertainment this weekend.

Joe Briggs: “ornstein report by j. Cole, Cam newton and how they will downplay my tcu frogs again in our national championship run”

Billy Corben: “Going Green the Wong Way” @ArshtCenter and Thanksgiving comes early with the ‘Canes carving the VA Tech Turkeys.”

Beats By Dre:”Niners! [SA]”

Russell Scibetti: “College football returns to Yankee Stadium. Pats vs Colts (and all NFL games). Can Boise jump TCU? Developments in Cam Newton story.”

Chris Lee: “Game wise? #6 Stanford vs. Cal in the “Big Game”… “Game at Wrigley should be interesting to watch too with both teams going the same direction on the field!”… “Go Bears! 🙂 Ethics and doing the right thing seem to be a hot topic again with Bruce Pearl, recruiting, teams playing Oregon…”

I’ve got my eyes on Wrigley Field. I went to Northwestern for undergrad, and I’m intrigued and excited for the game. The field has been the big news so far, and it will likely continue to be big news throughout as both teams will play offense in the same direction. It’s a big time event for Northwestern and for Chicago. Should be fun.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

– Jason

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