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Weekend Outlook – December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

Happy Holiday Season To All!

Hard to believe that it’s December and 2010 is wrapping up. I even typed November in the title before realizing that I had made a mistake. Here’s the first Weekend Outlook of December from sunny Miami where we asked our friends on Twitter what they’re following in the world of sports and entertainment this weekend.

Ben Sturner: “I am going to follow the ACC basketball games going on. Also, interested in miami heat’s next game”

David Canter: “SEC Championship”

Darren Heitner: “News regarding your school’s coach hiring process.”

Rob Katz: “College fb conf champ- SEC, ACC, Big 12 all compelling matchups. NFL playoff race shaping up. Also, baseball FA-where Lee, CC end up”

Chris Yates: “this weekend chilling with kids Gameday Rivals season over I’m taking a break :)”

Len Berman: “Monday Night Football for sure.”

Billy Corben: “Miami Central v South Dade, FSU v VA Tech, Dolphins v Browns, talking to UM Sociology of Sport class on Sat, Black Sunday at Rokbar.”

MAXX Sports & Entertainment: “Definitely checking out #SundayNightFootballs big matchup ( & I guess Monday night’s a big game too, right?”

Joshua Boren: “Everton v Chelsea (EPL), #MNF, NBA, attending Wings v Kings at Staples!”

Jim Delaney: “biggest sports story this wkend here in NE is Pats-Jets w/o question; result will frame the NFL conversation for many following wks.”

Deandra Duggans: “SEC Championship… Should be a great game!”

Wesley: “Rooting for a double forfeit in the SEC Final. Rough season for #UGA fans & my #Duke degree isn’t enough to make me cheer Spurrier.”

Christopher Lee: “Behind on tweeting today. I’m following college football to see which bowls teams will play in. Oregon vs. OSU & Aub vs. SC are big.”

Andrew Fine: “Inspired by my football coach, I’ll be listening to a lot of Josh Groban while watching the conference championship games.”

Great responses this week. Thank you to all. Enjoy the weekend!

– Jason

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