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Weekend Outlook – January 7

January 7, 2011

Hello All,

Time for the first Weekend Outlook of 2011 where we ask our friends on Twitter what they’re following this weekend and then share the responses with you. Enjoy!

Andrew Fine: “NFL playoffs and Jim Harbaugh saga – still hope he lands in AA.”

Mike Hopper: “Thanks for always asking on the right weekends. J-E-T-S playoffs!”

Shakir: “the packers gonna beat the eagles on sunday”

Chris Yates: “we are filming the Texas A&M & LSU fans tailgating at the Cotton Bowl.”

David Schwab: “My sports/entertainment/news habits this wkd -> #CES#NFL and Ted Williams (why not)”

Ralph Cindrich: “#FF Best of football”

Lee Lloyd: I’m following the start of NCAA bball conference games. Go Heels!”

Lou Imbriano: “is there anything going on this weekend? no big NFL games at all… ;)”… followed by, “;) you know i’m just playing.”

Justin Kamm: “following @coachhaith and the Canes tonight of course#beatclemson

Sean Flynn: “Plans this weekend? Williamsburg Cask Beer Festival at dba Brooklyn

Deandra Duggans: “NFL playoffs of course & #sportsbiz at #CES… like, ESPN announcing 24-7 3D content on ESPN3D”

Joe Briggs: “bcs nat champ game. Playoffs.”

Rob Katz: “NFL playoffs, BCS champ game, Cotton Bowl + 11u baseball workouts start :)”

Mike Mahoney: “Playoffs….Playoffs….Youth Basketball, not necessarily in that order.”

Katrina Florence: “Last weekend of college football! Gearing up for the Auburn game on Monday. War eagle! And will try to finally see 127 hours.”

Matt Buser: “Gearing up for Falcons baby!”

Darren Heitner: “How many teams Jim Harbaugh will “sign with” before he actually decides.”

Thank you to all who responded and to all who read the blog. Have a great weekend.



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