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Weekend Outlook – January 14

January 14, 2011

Hello All,

Here’s the Weekend Outlook for January 14 where our friends on Twitter told us what they’re looking forward to in sports and entertainment for this weekend.

Darren Heitner: “How @MiamiHeat will rebound from 2 straight road losses.”

Ed Kiernan: “Rex’s BIG mouth/Jets vs The Pats is there ANYTHING else happening in the sports world?”

Mike Hopper: “Ed’s right”

Ralph Cindrich: “#NFL

Billy Corben: “Fri: “Green Hornet,” Sat: 13th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit @TobaccoRoadBar, Sun: Recovering from the cold I can feel coming on.”

Mike Mahony: “Like Christmas – weekend of #NFL games – 4 super games Sat and Sun, get your fix in. Games dwindling in 2010 season.

Rob Katz: “NFL Playoffs, looks like 4 great matchups. And most announced, but any last minute descisions by players to go into into NFL Draft”

Enjoy the weekend!


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