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Take Advantage Of Victories

January 31, 2011

A quick post on apparel/equipment companies and promoting successful players that they sponsor.

As I alluded to last Friday, the past weekend was a country club type weekend for me, and I watched the Australian Open and the Farmers Insurance Open. The winners of these respective events were Novak Djokavic and Bubba Watson. Djokavic wears Sergio Tacchini and plays with Head. Watson wears KentWool Tour, FootJoy, and Ping and plays with Ping and Titleist. I bring this up because each company had a choice after their players’ successful weekend to decide whether to picture them on the front page of the website and promote the wins.

Sergio Tacchini has no mention of Djokavic winning the Australian although they do feature him on the front page. On the other hand, Head has a congratulatory mention to Djokavic. For Watson, FootJoy, Ping, and Titleist have mention of his weekend win while Kentwool Tour has no mention of the victory.

Why wouldn’t a company feature their successful player on the front page of the website? Perhaps Sergio Tacchini and Kentwool Tour don’t care. Perhaps, they don’t have anyone in house or readily accessible for website changes. In today’s market, sponsors should be more vigilant in using their players’ victories in order to stand out. It’s a cluttered sponsorship market as it is, so it’s imperative to take advantage of success.

– Jason

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