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Weekend Outlook – February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Hello All,

Busy day on the blog is being capped off by a Sebastian’s Corner stalwart – the Weekend Outlook. Thank you to all who connected through Twitter where we asked you what you’re following this weekend in sports & entertainment.

Jared Kalmanson: “It’s all about my new look NY Knicks v the Heat Sunday night”

Mike Mahoney: “a little Accenture WGC match play and on Sunday my own golf game for a change!”

David Schwab: “Oscars (and celeb/brand work around it), TV ratings for Carmelo/Lebron. Chef & corp programs at South Beach Food & Wine Festival.”

Mike Hopper: “Looking forward to St John’s & Villanova tomorrow. Almost tournament time!”

Darren Heitner: “I’ll be following how all the new look NBA teams fare + rumblings from the Combine regarding the CBA.”

Ed Kiernan: “7 y/o son’s/hoops, @PGATour‘s WGC-Match Play & Oscars

Ralph Cindrich: “NFL v NFLPA. At meeting. Seeing game faces.”

David Canter: “same as Ralph”

Rob Katz: “NFL labor deal/combine, MLB ST, Gator hoops, NASCAR mo from 500?”

Adam Groff: “Spring training games and hopping on the NYKnicks bandwagon!”

Maxx Talent: “Knicks – Heat Sunday night should be fun”

Jonathan Norman: “Watching the Phoenix @NASCAR race / ratings, spring training baseball on @MLBNetwork & college hoops. #sportsbiz

Andrew Fine: “Has to be NCAA hoops if I plan to win my 5th bracket in 7 years! I’ll def watch Oscars too”

Maury Brown: “it’s all NFL v NFLPA (reading unsealed docs on flight).”

Joshua Boren: “#Oscars dominating LA this weekend, the new look NBA, & EPL…”

Matt Buser: “the effects that the recent NBA trades will have on the individual teams and the league as a whole”

Grant Christensen: “How some of the recently dealt NBA guys fare with their new teams and opening weekend of the Cactus League.”

Tim McGhee: “looking for #Kia @blakegriffin spot to run on ESPN tonight.”

As for me, I will be watching the Oscars on Sunday night as well as the Heat v. Knicks. Need to find the right balance. Have a good weekend! Thank you for being in touch.



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