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Weekend Outlook – March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

It’s the first Weekend Outlook of March. Time flies when you’re having fun, and Weekend Outlook is always fun. Every week, I ask our friends on Twitter what they’re following in the world of sports & entertainment. Here are the answers from this week.

Claire Zovko: “This weekend I am definitely going to the UM ESLS symposium!”

David Schwab: “Watching which media gets NFL Labor scoops and if there are any or if they are saying similar things in different voices. Very curious to see Apprentice and ratings from Sunday night. Most marketable? @ivankatrump

Chad McEvoy: “Following NFL labor & March Madness. Good luck with the symposium. #sportsbiz

Kristi Dosh: “NFL labor and the unfolding Oregon story (from a sunny beach)”

Darren Heitner: “Whether the Heat will start beating the better teams & finish games + my clients in Spring Training.”

Mike Hopper: “Spring training, Yankees/Red Sox tonight & getting ready for the Big East tourney @MSG next week. Good luck with the symposium”

Andrew Fine: “Huge game for my Wolverines, #CBA and of course @charliesheen

Ed Kiernan: “Lockout, College Hoops, @PGATourHonda Classic & fun/sun in Punta Cana!”

David Canter: “only thing ill be following until its resolved. NFL v NFLPA.”

Eric Winchel: “in some ways #March Madness starts this weekend, I’ll be paying attention to that”

Jared Kalmanson: “Symposium, NFL Labor talks, & jockeying 4 NCAA tourney position- Chk out MSG Stock – Good business being a fan

Sam Renaut: “I’m not on your list, but I’m following the NFL/NFLPA negotiations and the last few precious moments of NCAA reg season hoops.”

Matt Judy: “Down in Palm Beach @thehondaclassic following our players from @bluegiraffesprt

Joshua Boren: “Attending #SSAC in Boston, NFL labor issues, & NBA playoff push!”

Tim McGhee: “NFL labor talks and #NCAA hoops.”

Rob Katz: “NFL labor talks, NCAA/Gators Hoops, MLB ST & Lightning/MTL gm on Sat”

J.W. Cannon: “What else is there but #NFL labor? On 24-7 overdrive, like the OJ trial”

Mike Mahoney: “NFL Labor, hopefully a little golf, Honda Classic on TV maybe.”

Lou Imbriano: “CBA and Skiing ~ enjoy the weekend gents.”

Joe Briggs: “yep you guessed it. The Washington DC area kickball schedules release parties. LOL”

Lee Lloyd: “Is this a trick question? I’m getting fired up to attend#UNC v. Duke for Tobacco Road (and ACC) supremacy! #BeatDook

Ian Pulver: “NFL lockout information see SBJ Mullen, NHL Playoff races, info on hockey concussions and most importantly Pulver Sports clients”

Matt Buser: “Symposium tomorrow! Keynote Ralph Cindrich is appearing tonight on FOX Business TV “Scoreboard w/ David Asman” at 7:30 PM!!”

Katrina Younce: “NFL labor situation on the sports side. And it’s Mardi Gras weekend here in Pensacola so we’re going to some parades!”

Record number of responses this week! Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your weekend plans. If you haven’t yet, check out the lineup and register to come to our symposium tomorrow.

– Jason

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