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Weekend Outlook – March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

Weekend Outlook time. Every week, we take to Twitter and ask our friends what they’re following in the world of sports & entertainment. Here were the answers we got this week. A record number!

Jonathan Norman: “@umesls Outside of @marchmadness, @NASCAR at Bristol and @MLB spring training.”

Tim McGhee: “I’ll be following #MarchMadness. Pretty sure I’m not alonne there.”

Russell Scibetti: “March Madness coverage – how will multi-network coverage and iPad/iPhone apps affect ratings?”

Rob Katz: “March Madness (Gators vs UCLA), MLB ST & son’s first 8U AAU hoops tourney”

David Canter: “unfortunately nothing… all is well just wishing a new CBA was done already”

Ed Kiernan: “In Cleveland watching my Buckeyes start their run for a NCAA Championship!”

Shelby Nathans: “I’ll definitely be following March Madness, #NASCAR at Bristol, the fallout from Tressel-gate at OSU, and the ‘Canes in the NIT”

Jim Delaney: “is there something going besides #MarchMadness?#hoyasaxa

Marissa Eliades: “i’ll be watching michigan beat tennessee #letsgoblue

Nancy Atufunwa: “March Madness on all weekend!”

Chadd Scott: “i’ll b casually checking spring cfb practice headlines. may rent love & other drugs”

Kristi Dosh: “This weekend I’ll be reading and writing about NCAA conference realignment in preparation for the Harvard Sports Law Symposium.”

Matt Judy: “Going to watch all the @bluegiraffesprt clients @transchamp on PGA and Founders Cup on LPGA and of course My Brackets!”

Justin Sievart: “heading up to Tampa to catch the Yankees tomorrow….Sunday is always race day for me….Bull Ring this weekend watching @KyleBusch

Deandra Duggans: “supporting the start of the NCAA Women’s Tourney!”

Gail Sideman: “Following NCAA hoops (duh–winning lol!) and only because I’m working Nets TV, Nets @ Bucks. You?”

Ralph Cindrich: “Caught a break on a postponed depo- YES!-#NFL Labor & basketball some”

Darren Heitner: “#marchmadness. Go #Gators. Got Duke winning it all.”

Mike Hopper: “Tournament, obviously, but counting the days until the baseball teams come North too.

Lee Lloyd: “It’s wall-to-wall #MarchMadness for me (with a bit of Little League spring training mixed in). #GoHeels!”

J.W. Cannon: “#MarchMadness, & watching the sinkhole I threw my pool $ into get bigger”

Joshua Boren: “#MarchMadness despite my upside-down bracket & 1st weekend of MLS!”

Matt Buser: “UGA basketball. Go Dawgs!”

Joe Swanson: “Keepin an eye on #MarchMadness and an eye on #UFC 128″

Michael Rubenstein: “March Madness. i’m not even sure what else is happening this weekend.. maybe keep my eye on the sixers and heat, but only box scores”

Brandon Shore: “whole lotta march madness and Heat getting back on track #WeekendOutlook

Eric Winchel: “I heard there is some sort of madness going on this wknd, I’m going to research that. How about you? #goblue

Thank you to everyone who responded! Great, great turnout this week for the Weekend Outlook! We’re using a new tag as well, #WeekendOutlook, so if you want to see the convo on Twitter, click here. So far, it’s a lot of me, but hopefully it gets going. Enjoy your weekends!



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