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Braves Pick An Interesting Date to Retire Bobby Cox’s Number

March 23, 2011

The Atlanta Braves will be retiring long-time manager Bobby Cox’s number 6 jersey before their August 12th game against the Chicago Cubs at Turner Field. Last year, the Braves retired Tom Glavine’s number 47 jersey around the same time of year – August 6 against the San Francisco Giants. Still, I thought the organization’s chosen date was interesting and could either be a success or failure.

1) Why would it be a failure? The Cubs series in Atlanta is typically well attended by Cubs fans. I know this from personal experience as a Braves fan who is always disappointed that Turner Field seems to switch allegiances when the Cubs visit. The crowd will no doubt applaud Cox regardless of the team they’re rooting for especially because Cubs fans are kind, knowledgable fans, but doesn’t the organization want the vast majority of the crowd to be Braves fans who will go crazy during the ceremony? Don’t the Braves want a special Braves moment? By picking a date that is popular with away fans, the Braves risk making the ceremony a lukewarm affair, unless…

2) Why would it be a success? Braves fans will now jump on the opportunity to get tickets for Friday, August 12, and the Cubs fans will finally be drowned out at Turner Field. This could be a smart move by the Braves organization to get more Braves fans out during this series in order to support the home team. It really is close to a 50/50 split when the Cubs come to visit, and by picking the Cubs series for the ceremony, the organization is hoping to get the Braves fans to dominate the game. The next weekend, the Braves play the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Braves fans will dominate the stands. The Diamondbacks series would have been a safe bet to have a large pro-Braves crowd, but the Cubs series is a good opportunity to get the Braves fans to turn out and create a proper homefield advantage.

What do you think? Will the move be a failure or a success?

– Jason

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