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Weekend Outlook – March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Weekend Outlook time! Every week we connect with our friends on Twitter to see what they’re following during in the weekend in sports & entertainment. Here are the responses.

Joe Briggs: “SEME 2011 conference. Headed over now.”

Rob Katz: “March Madness – Gators in Elite 8, countdown to MLB OD , Tiger at Bay Hill”

Darren Heitner: “#Gators in Elite 8, OSU/UK tonight, @CharlieSheen updates.”

Caleb Mezzy: “Hoping for a UNC, OSU, Kansas and Florida St. win. Anything else to follow?… As for the entertainment side, might see#Limitless tonight.”

Chadd Scott: “on the road w/ @SportsBizMiss in Boston – i’ll b taking the weekend off from sports & looking forward to it.”

Ed Kiernan: “Hoops at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ – Go Buckeyes!! OH!!”

Gail Sideman: “Again, NCAA hoops, some NBA. You all?”

Steve Seiferheld: “Thanks for the mention! I’ll be monitoring NCAA’s and of course sponsor buzz.”

Kristi Dosh: “Talking about conference realignment at Harvard Sports Law Symposium today, then playing tourist the rest of the weekend in Boston.”

Lou Imbriano: “have to catch up on the tourney, i feel so out of the hoop.”

Russell Scibetti: “I’m way behind too – don’t feel bad!”

Len Berman: “NCAA’s and golf”

Michael Rubenstein: “Sixers are in Miami tonight. You know I’m gonna be there.. Then obviously NCAA bball the rest of the weekend.”

Andrew Eichner: “In #entertainment news, I’m watching #SuckerPunch get slaughtered in the reviews. Ouch. #movies

Brandon Shore: “hoping to stay on top of my NCAA pool…. and watch Heat continue to ramp up for playoffs”

Jared Kalmanson: “Tourney all weekend – continuing to ride Butler”

J.W. Cannon: “Listening to the family bitch after OSU waxes Kentucky tonight. Should be fun”

David Canter: “going to 1st Heat game of season for me & prepping my speech for tomorrow @ Nova”

Megan Jenkins: “MARCH MADDNESS!”

Lee Lloyd: “Rain forecast for the weekend, so I’m watching#MarchMadness all day and night. #GoHeels on the road to Houston!”

Ralph Cindrich: “Difficult to say-heading to San Diego”

Andrew Fine: “NCAA hoops still rule the day, but keeping an eye on Tiger at Bay Hill. I’ll be watching to see if he’s ready for Augusta.”

Matt Buser: “This weekend: tennis and legal research. Living in the Grove always gets me pumped for the Ericsson”

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Have a great weekend!

– Jason

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