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Weekend Outlook – April 22, 2011

April 22, 2011

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Outlook! Each week, we connect with our friends on Twitter and ask them what they’re following in sports and entertainment during the weekend. Here are the answers. A record number this week! 41!

Russell Scibetti: “NHL Playoffs (and maybe some NBA too), the Dodgers “takeover” and hopefully a baseball game or two!”

Steve Seiferheld: “Not the best#WeekendOutlook, is it? Probably #MLB, maybe #NBA playoffs. Installing a doorknob.”

Darren Heitner: “Hope the #MiamiHeat close out the series & give Haslem some time to prep for the Celtics.”

Caleb Mezzy: “Mostly #MLBand the #Phillies. Hoping to see Roy rebound on Sunday. Got tons of work to do.”

Kristi Dosh: “I’ll be writing about possible BCS antitrust case”

Peter Amador: “any new developments in the dodgers situation, but mostly shutting it down to enjoy friends and family in San Diego.”

Craig Moore: “T-ball and little league. Cause that’s how we roll.”

Ed Kiernan: “@NBAHoops a little @MLB @Yankees and lot’s of #EasterCandy :)”

Rob Katz: “MLB (Marlins, Rays playing well), NBA & NHL playoffs. News on NFL labor, draft, McCourt”

AskAnNFLAgent: “Watching the Orlando Magic play the Hawks the rest of the #NBA and #NFL playoffs and attending a charitable gala tonight”

Andy Eason: “NBA Playoffs!! Lining up speakers for SPELA at OCU Law. Oh, and studying for this little thing called finals.#WeekendOutlook

Mike Hopper: “Hoping for an even Knicks/Celts series by the end of the weekend ”

Mike Mahoney: “Watching Gruden’s QB Show in #NFLDraft prep excitement, NHL Playoffs, Heritage PGA Tour #weekeendoutlook

Blair Zackon: “@OhioStFootball Spring Game, @MiamiHEAT closing out the 76ers, my @CanadiensMTL and the rest of the @NHL playoffs#WeekendOutlook

Jason Manola: “#WeekendOutlook 1 Week till the NFL Draft, Bulls (everyone is hating on them #underdogs ), Cubbies & hopefully a win by the Hawks”

J.W. Cannon: “#NHL/#NBA playoffs – waiting for inevitable lawnchair-esque collapse of #Capitals & #Hawks

Eric Winchel: “As the great Jim Mora once said “playoffs!, playoffs!!!!”

Excel Sports: “Jeter (Yankees vs Baltimore) @paulpierce34 (celtics vs knicks) @RealLamarOdom (lakers vs Hornets) @THANS50(pacers vs bulls) & more!”

Andrew Fine: “With my Wings resting up, its time to focus on my last place fantasy baseball teams and see if I can up their game!#weekendoutlook

Steven Cushnan: “Rugby league in Leeds, EPL + park baseball/soccer in the sun on Sunday…oh and hope the #NYR stay alive!#weekendoutlook

David Canter: “Excited for last weekend of NFL draft nonsense before its finally here and over with”

sportsattitudes: “I love this idea! NBA all weekend long…first round lot more interesting than many thought would be.”

Lou Imbriano: “the B’s & the C’s Enjoy you weekend gents.”

Justin Kamm: “NBA Playoffs”

Chadd Scott: “Georgia Tech spring game & trip to GA Aquarium!”

Lee Lloyd: “My son and I are going to Chapel Hill to cheer for the#UNC @DiamondHeels against @CanesBaseball#GoHeels!”

Dave Cutler: “Mostly the #NBA playoffs. How about yourself?”

Joe Briggs: “NBA playoffs. Draft talking heads. and the easter egg hunt.”

Carson McKee: “#weekendoutlook has #NHLplayoffs top of mind”

Reid Brignac: “watching a lil basketball”

Sam Renaut: “Reading up on the litany of football-related lawsuits and gearing up for the NFL Draft. #WeekendOutlook

Deandra Duggans: “NBA Playoffs and a little NFL draft chatter ;-)”

Mike O’Hara: “There are no dumb questions. I’ll be on baseball and hanging with some family for Easter Sunday. And That’s ALWAYS entertaining.”

Ralph Cindrich: “Nothing”

Dustin Long: “previews for#UFC 129, Mets, Knicks, catching up on #netflix queue and#cooking for Easter!”

Jonathan Norman: “Other than some MLB action, taking time for family this weekend and thanking God for His blessings!”

Here’s what ESLS members are following:

Brandon Shore: “Heat sweep, Marlins getting to the top of NL East, and all the last minute NFL draft chatter #WeekendOutlook

Michael Rubenstein: “Phillies have 3 more in San Diego.. Sixers trying to avoid the sweep.. Flyers need 2 more vs. Buffalo.. Busy weekend for Philly fans”

Jenna Kochen: “NBA playoffs!! Hopefully the HEAT can sweep.”

Shelby Nathans: “my #WeekendOutlook calls for lots of studying. I’ll probably check out tonight’s @NationwideNNS race in Nashville”

Jon Ellin: “hawks playoffs, braves baseball, and doing a lot of studying.”

I’m going to be watching the Hawks v. Magic. NBA playoffs this weekend for me.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Thank you to all that contributed and helped make a great Weekend Outlook! Record number of responses this week!

– Jason

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  1. April 23, 2011 10:52 am

    Love the interaction with site & Twitter. Happy to find and share same WordPress platform for our respective blogs. Look to make new friends/follow/followers in the days to come.

    • April 24, 2011 8:01 am

      Thanks for reaching out. Also looking forward to be in touch!

      – Jason

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