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@MiamiHEAT + #TriviaTuesday = Savvy Social Media Marketing Strategy

April 27, 2011

Last night, while simultaneously reading for finals, watching the Flyers game 7, and surfing on the Internet, I came across two interesting Tweets that turned out to be a savvy social media building, fan interactive, marketing technique.  The Tweets came from @MiamiHEAT and they read:

“Busy day getting ready for tomorrow’s Game 5. Found 3 pairs of tix, so why not do a little #TriviaTuesday for them! Anyone interested?” and “Must answer w/ a reply 2 @MiamiHEAT. Must use hashtag #TriviaTuesday. 1st correct answer (FIRST & LAST Name) wins. Only 1 prize per person.”

Over the course of the next 10 minutes the Heat Twitter asked 3 questions involving the Miami Heat playoff history.  As I replied to these Tweets with potential answers, I realized how valuable #TriviaTuesday really was.

In today’s social media crazed environment, the goal is to get as many potential customers (Twitter followers in this case) as possible in order to reach the greatest number of potential customers in advertisement (Tweet).  Potential customer doesn’t mean just any person, but rather people who would be interested in your product enough to spend time or money on it.  The Heat did just that by simply asking Heat related questions on their Heat twitter account.  They also created both goodwill and interest by creating a fun way to give away free prizes.  Who doesn’t like trivia and free stuff?  Furthermore, this one act, like many others, will create a ripple effect and be magnified due to its nature.  I am sure that the recipients of the tickets will tell their friends about how they got the tickets, which will in turn lead to increased goodwill and more Twitter followers for the Heat.

The goal of most mass marketing efforts is to increase your (1) reach – the total number of people in your target market who hear a promotion, and (2) frequency – how many times one person in your target market hears a promotion.  #TriviaTuesday by @MiamiHEAT increased both their reach and frequency, in addition to creating goodwill and interest among their target audience.  The Heat created a fun, interactive, fan focused way to get their audience involved.  And the best part is that it only cost them 6 tickets, that may or may not have been sold anyway, whose price will be made up in food and beverage purchases at the game.  The next time you are not doing anything on Tuesday night around 9:00pm, after reading this article, I bet that you’ll be on your Twitter account waiting to win free prizes courtesy of the Miami Heat.

– Michael

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  1. April 27, 2011 10:01 am

    I’m sitting near Philly last night when it all blew up and I was into it. Fortunately, having made a few fine Floridian friends via blogging and/or twitter I lived vicariously through a winning participant last night. I had fun watching it all go down and I had no intentions of boarding a plane today…can imagine how excited locals were at the competition…classic example of how you use social media for fun…and profit.

  2. Mike permalink
    April 27, 2011 10:47 am

    As you can tell by my post, I thought it was a great idea and a lot of fun. I knew the right answer to question 3 (who had the most assists in a Heat playoff game), but, unfortunately, I spelled Dwyane Wade, Dwayne Wade, and didn’t win the prize. Congratulations to your friend. Either way, it was a lot of fun, a great way to interact with fans, build the fanbase, expand reach and frequency, and everything else I mentioned in the article. Thanks for the comment.

    • April 27, 2011 2:27 pm

      Very good promotion and use of Twitter by the Heat. Sportsattitudes’ experience shows that the reach of this type of promotion isn’t just the Heat’s followers but also the followers of those that are following Heat followers. As your friends are answering trivia questions, you get curious, and now the Heat have new eyeballs. Cool.


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