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WeekendOutlook – April 30

April 30, 2011

Hello All,

Thanks for coming by to see another Weekend Outlook! As many of you know if you’ve been here before, this post is usually made on Friday. Unfortunately, studying for my Federal Income Tax exam got a bit in the way of my typical Friday duties! My sincerest apologies! Without further ado, here’s your Weekend Outlook where our friends on Twitter told us at @umesls what they’re following this weekend in sports & entertainment!

Kristi Dosh: “I’m taking the weekend off to hit the Amelia Island Shrimp Festival with @ChaddScott and go on a little kayaking adventure!”

Joe Briggs: “royal wedding wagers!”

Tim McGhee: “I will be watching Stanley Cup playoffs and Heat-Celtics game. #WeekendOutlook

Steve Seiferheld: “NFL draft; still trying to digest the bizarre picks last night. Going to Ag Field Day at Rutgers! #WeekendOutlook

Craig Moore: “is avoiding the royal wedding a sport?”

Steven Cushnan: “#WeekendOutlook #NFL Draft, #EPL and #NHL/#NBA Playoffs….anything to get away from the wedding coverage for a few minutes!”

Ralph Cindrich: “#NFL draft, labor, & expert witness case”

Darren Heitner: “Whether Leslie Michael Jasper is selected in #NFLDraft & Heat vs. Celtics.”

David Canter: “NFL draft & new rules aka start (hopefully) of free agency”

Ed Kiernan: “The @NBA Playoffs with a little @PGATOURbaked in!! #weekendoutlook

Dave Cutler: “Plenty to follow locally here in Boston this weekend. Sox w/Seattle in town, Celtics in Miami, & Bruins in Philly#WeekendOutlook

sportsattitudes: “2 Eyes NBA Playoffs, 1 1/2 NFL Dft..1 Eye Celeb Apprentice/Star Jones-NeNe Leakes may come 2 blows facing Prez Trump #WeekendOutlook

AskAnNFLAgent: “The #NFL Draft all weekend now that the #Magic are out of playoffs. #Jaguars made moves to get Blaine Gabbert!!”

Caleb Mezzy: “#NFLDraft #Phillies dominance of the Mets and highlights of the#RoyalWedding

Edwin Mejia: “NBA Playoffs and Bruins v. Flyers”

Rob Katz: “NFL Draft + new league yr, MLB and check score for NBA/NHL playoffs #WeekendOutlook

Drew Carr: “golf and phillies baseball, flyers hockey now that my magic (read:tragic) have been eliminated.”

Rusty Grant: “PGA/LPGA Tour and the Draft. Should be a great weekend for sports!”

Excel Sports: “Round 2 NBA playoffs action!”

Andrew Eichner: “I’m pretty excited by the new videos of #Madden 12 – does that count as sports AND entertainment?

Andy Eason: “I’ll be following the #NFL draft (#InBillWeTrust) and Rangers weekend series. First final is on Monday (contracts).#WeekendOutlook

Jason Manola: “#NFLDraft all weekend! Love seeing players live their dream. Finishing up 1st round of NBA Playoffs & some Cubs Baseball. Hbu?”

Eric Winchel: “NFL Draft, playoffs, and the #RoyalAnnulment

Andrew Fine: “Besides the RoyalWedding recaps? Draft & NHL/NBA playoffs+ enjoying spring now that its finally arrived in NYC #weekendoutlook

Jay Acunzo: “Heat-Cs will be epic w/ Rondo playing so well & looking for any & all news on Bill Simmons’s new site. Big news for sports bloggers!”

Joshua Boren: “Red Wings/NHL/NBA 2nd round playoffs, MLS action, Dodgers saga.”

Jonathan Norman: “NFL Draft … And youth soccer!”

Blair Zackon: “@MiamiHEAT vs. Celtics, @NHL Playoffs, and spending some time at SunFest in West Palm Beach. #WeekendOutlook

Andy Gould: “#NFL Draft, #NBA playoffs, @bikenewyork, and some U5 and 8 soccer games. #WeekendOutlook

Chadd Scott: “#nfldraft & #terps spting game”

Here’s what ESLS members are following:

Matt Buser: “@umesls offering my #weekendoutlook… Last final of law school 2-6, Miami Reggae Fest in Grove tomor, …

Michael Rubenstein: “NFL Draft first and foremost.. Eagles have a lot of picks and need to trade Kolb.. Phillies Mets.. NBA playoffs too”

Brandon Shore: “rest of the NFL draft, late rounds where great teams are built… if NFL free agency begins… and of course Heat/Celtics Game 1”

As for me, I’ll be watching the NBA playoffs and my Braves against the Cardinals. The Braves need to create some good news. Recently, bad news has been finding the team.

Sorry again for the delay in posting! Thank you to all the contributors for another fantastic edition of the Weekend Outlook. This is a great, great weekly post, and I always enjoy putting it together. I hope that you enjoy your games, family, and friends!

– Jason


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